Plans for 2012

I don’t really believe in New Year Resolutions. I think they are mostly a waste of time because, let’s face it, losing weight or getting fit is on the list year after year and at the end of each year we say, ‘Oh… NYR time! I didn’t really stick to my plans last year but THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT.’ It’s as if we trick ourselves into believing we have somehow developed into this enthusiastic-for-all-things-good-for-us being. So enough with my scepticism and on with the NYR’s…

1. Watch less TV
2. Eat more chocolate
3. Watch a Yoga DVD 3 times a week
4. Watch a Pilates DVD 2 times a week
5. Knit a jumper for each member of my family

So there is my list…

I do have one thing I think needs more thought though… How can I watch more Yoga and Pilates if I want to watch less TV?

I hope your list writing has been less complicated than mine 🙂

2 responses to “Plans for 2012

  1. Just curious.. Do u plan on doing these yoga & Pilates or just watching…?

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