I am Delta 8-4-8

Living in PNG brings with it some changes to your everyday life- some big, some small. We are over here with Defence and so security is taken very seriously… some would say a little too seriously. My compound for example is known by other expats and locals as ‘Fort S@#t Scared’ but is also the compound that everyone (so I’m told) wants to live in. It makes me pretty popular at Parent’s Group anyhow.

We have guards at our front gate, a guard dog, a 6 foot brick wall, razor wire on top of the brick wall as well as an electric fence, our houses have steel plated doors, emergency buttons, an alarm system, a rape gate separating the top floor from the bottom (also made of steel) and an emergency escape from the top floor to outside should we have intruders. I’m still not sure how the intruder may get to the rape gate but I shut and lock it each night nevertheless 😛

When I leave the compound I am to lock all doors on the car (God bless central locking and its creator!), NEVER wind my window down (even for police), and I must carry a radio with me at all times. On that radio I AM DELTA 8-4-8 requesting a radio check… over… yes… I speak raytel or whatever it is… but I sound so cool!!! haha! Most of the time I’d like to say something random and listen to them try to make sense of it… This is DELTA 8-4-8, I’m going to Brian Bell… want me to get you something??? haha… ok it’s probably only funny to me but the locals are too polite to go off at me so it would be pretty funny listening to them politely say that I’m not supposed to get shopping requests over the radio. Small things…

Oh I forgot to mention the panic button we have installed in our car. I press it incase I get car jacked and a security car will come to me within 5 mins. Thank goodness for that cause I would hate to be left on the side of the road and the car jackers would probably take my phone so it’s always nice to know that they can take my car, money, jewellry and phone but they can’t stop me from getting home.

All jokes aside, it can get dicey over here and at those times I am grateful. We are currently experiencing added security risks with the police fighting against themselves. Opportunistic crime has increased as a result of the police being distracted and the main highway fell apart a month ago so there’s a bottle neck to get anywhere. People are reporting more car jackings (armed ones too) and attempts to get into their cars whilst they are stuck in the bottle neck. I’m glad I don’t need to leave my house everyday.

Readjusting to Australia in January next year will be interesting… I caught myself calling out ‘Doors!’ to my husband as we set off in the car we hired in Sydney during our last holiday…

3 responses to “I am Delta 8-4-8

  1. Impressive post. I can’t imagine what it’s like to live in that type of environment. From your post I take it you’re an Australian expat looking forward to getting home. How long have you been in abroad? Out of curiosity besides not fearing for your life what creature comforts do you miss from home the most?

    • Thanks for your comment (I still get excited when people leave comments lol!). I am looking forward to getting home but at the same time I do enjoy being here. There are parts of this life that I really do enjoy. We have been here since January 2011 and finish up in December this year. I am already talking to my husband about the possibility of doing it all again in a few years. The biggest thing I miss from home is the freedom to take a walk with my daughter to the local park… it’s the little freedoms that are taken away from us over here that I miss most.

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