ANZAC Day 2012

Tomorrow we are remembering those who have fought for our nation, died for our nation and those who are currently serving our nation.

Before I met and married my husband, I had never attended a dawn service or put any time aside on this public holiday to observe the sacrifices that have been made.

Since meeting Daryl, I have now attended a service every year and each year I begin to understand, for just a moment, the courage all those men and women have demonstrated.

Unfortunately this year, due to security reasons, I cannot attend the service at Bomana War Cemetery just outside Port Moresby but I will remember…

A couple of years ago, my husband lost a friend in Afghanistan and only last year, he lost another. I’ve seen him struggle with that loss… the loss of a mate twice now. What do I say to him when he loses these mates?

I was deeply saddened today when I was told that a person I had recently befriended lost their son in Afghanistan only last year. What does one say to his parents that could comfort the deep sense of loss that they must feel?

There isn’t anything that I could say that would make any of them feel better so each year I take the time to remember them. I take the time to consider what it is that they have done for all of us. To be grateful. To show their friends and family that are left behind that it wasn’t in vain.


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