Last week I attended the playgroup at the Yacht Club for the first time after I accidently came upon it a few weeks ago. I was going to the Yacht Club to attend a Car Jacking course (on how to survive one not actually how to be the car jacker) and the TOTS group was on at the same time.

I really quite enjoyed going along and meeting other mother’s and more kids. Marly was the youngest there but happily played on her own until she felt a little overwhelmed by a very helpful little girl who kept pushing more and more toys towards her in case she didn’t like the last one she pushed to her 🙂 So cute!

I met a number of Mum’s who all seemed lovely and may have found myself a personal trainer so watch out for the new and improved Brooke in a few months… if I decide to pay her to kill me 😛

Overall it was just nice to get out of the compound and have some adult conversations.

This week BG seemed a little less cautious around the other kids and came home dirty, grubby and tired. It was so much fun watching her have a great time and get into everything inlcuding the paint! She crawled over the mat that had the easel on it and rubbed red paint all over her front. Part of me was thinking, ‘Oh no! Oh no! Germs! Germs! Germs!’ but hey, we all did it didn’t we? It’s these times that create great memories so she should just get in there and get dirty! 🙂


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