It’s the little things…

Since living here in PNG, I have found myself being reminded of how lucky we are to come from a country that is wealthy leading to opportunities in life that we take for granted but yet are very lucky to have. I have also noticed just how much of a ‘nanny state’ Australia is but that’s a whole other story…

Last Friday night we went to dinner at the Yachtie (Port Moresby Yacht Club) to farewell a fellow Aussie family who were ‘Go Pinis’ (literally: Going Finish; meaning: Leaving/Finished here/caput). While we were there, we began to tell our funny stories that we had encountered, mostly involving our Haus Meri’s (haven’t I said before that they provide so much entertainment and so many frustrations).

One man told us of how he took his Haus Meri to Vision City. Vision City is a new MEGA MALL (said in loud Hollywood voice) which to us, is a sad attempt with its overpriced supermarket, large Chinese restaurant (great yum cha), Japanese restaurant, Donut King, Mobile shop, toy shops where all your toys break within an hour of purchase, beautician and hairdressers. Oh and I almost forgot… the excitement of the year…. *drum roll please!*… A CINEMA!!!!! Now that is exciting because it is the first one in Port Moresby although I haven’t been so I cannot comment on the quality of the movies- they could be pirated as the movies on our local pay TV movie station are. I digress once more- a blog wouldn’t be a blog from me without my little side stories!

So this guy took his Haus Meri to the MEGA MALL *evil laugh* and went to get on the escalators but as he got on, he looked back and there she was, stopped in fear just starring at these stairs that moved. The security guards had to come over and coax her on and her boss had to come back down to hold her hand. When she finally took the leap of faith, she screamed the house down and clung onto her boss for dear life! When they got to the top, she calmed down and began saying hello to everyone that walked past, exclaiming proudly, ‘My boss brought me here!!!!’

My husband flew out to the Western Province last week for one night to visit some soldiers that are working up there. He took a local soldier with him so he could fix their radio and restore their communications. The guesthouse they stay in is in no way competing with a tidy little motel back home and in my husband’s words, ‘It is a dump.’ It is the only option in the small community however so each time he visits, he stays there.

When Daryl and the soldier were in the guesthouse that night having their dinner, the soldier turns to Daryl and says, ‘Boss, I have never stayed in a hotel let alone a flash hotel. This is just great!’ It made Daryl (and myself, when he told me) stop and think about just how lucky we are. We expect high standards because we are used to them but forget how lucky we are to have those expectations.

So it’s moments like these that I am reminded of how lucky we are and we take so many little things for granted…

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