Buk Bilong Pikinini Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Last Sunday we went to the Buk Bilong Pikinini (LIT: Books that belong to children) Teddy Bear’s Picnic at the Port Moresby Botanical Gardens. It was a lovely day sitting out on the lawns of the gardens, watching the kids play and looking at the mini zoo they have there.

The night before I put a lot of thought into what we would dress Oo OO (BG’s gorilla) in for his modelling debut at the picnic. I had high hopes! First I dressed him in a pink onesie that read, ‘I’d rather be naked’- I at least thought it was funny but I suppose small things always amuse me. Daryl suggested it wasn’t that funny. So I decided to go for an 80s look and of course, he HAD to demonstrate a sun smart attitude and wear a hat. Oh! He also wore a nappy because I would hate for him to have had an accident in public… no one likes a wet gorilla! So I got into this a little too much maybe but as I said… small things…

The morning of the picnic I brought BG down for her bottle which she always has with Oo Oo. As soon as she saw him, she cracked up laughing! It was so funny watching her find it hilarious that Oo Oo was dressed up when really he shouldn’t be. I still chuckle.

We left our compound in convoy with others who were attending the picnic and arrived just in time to secure one of the last car parking spaces. When we got inside, we set up our picnic blanket and enjoyed a relatively relaxing morning with our new friends, Karen, Chris and E (the baby) as well as Jacinta and her family.

Brooke & BGrelaxing on the picnic blanket

We were in prime position to watch all the kids cheat in the sack races and golf ball and spoon races. I loved it! Watching one kid put his feet through the bottom of the sack and run instead was priceless- again… small things…

The most enjoyable part of the day however was watching E and BG become more and more familiar with one another and steal one anothers toys 🙂

Here is E and BG with each other’s teddy bear…

E with Oo Oo and BG with Soft Bear… kind of

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