Getting an Internet connection in PNG

I missed playgroup today at the last minute. I was just about to get ready for it when I received a phone call from a guy about my prepaid internet connection. It hasn’t been working since February and to say that I have found it frustrating is an understatement! I filed a fault with at the end of March because we were back in Australia twice that month. If I filed it before this and they tried to come and fix it but we weren’t home, I figured they would give up and assume I didn’t need it fixed. So I filed the job a month later than when it became faulty.

Actually I phoned in February to find out what was going on with my Internet as I had heard that most people in the compound with the same plan were having the same issues. When I phoned to find out what the problem was, they told me that they had people working on it. I asked them how long they expected the problem to continue as I felt like my arm had been cut off… how on earth am I going to fill my days if I can’t stalk everyone on Facebook? The response? This is word for word, I kid you not…

”Well… um… it depends on how they work.”

I really wanted to scream down the phone, ‘Are you f@#king kidding? Of course it depends on how they work!!! Did they even turn up for work today?’ BUT I didn’t say that. Instead I just said, ‘Right… sure. Whatever. Bye.’ Then I phoned Daryl and told him he must come home with a Digicel Dongle (USB Internet modem) or I wasn’t letting him in the house. So he did and that is what I have been using since.

I found out from someone else in the compound that they had been told that they were changing the cables to fiberoptics for better service but neglected to tell their customers about the interruptions. Then I found out that the modems they provide us aren’t compatible with fiberoptics but they weren’t exactly going to tell us that. It was up to us to report a fault. I’m no computer wizz though so I have no idea if any of that is even possible. Regardless, my Internet wasn’t working and I wanted it fixed so I reported a fault about a week later.

Two weeks after my report, they came around to fix it. They fixed it… sort of. My browser would only open Google search so unless I wanted to entertain myself by doing random searches and trying to guess how fast Google could find my answer and with how many pages, I had to call them again to report yet another fault. Back to my dongle I went.

It took me over a month to get through to the right person because every time I phoned the number (3456789- very easy to remember so I couldn’t get it wrong!) I would go to some switch. After explaining my problem to her, she would say, ‘O.K. (said very slowly). Um Maam, you need to call the faults. The number is 3456789.’ I would politely explain that I had in fact called that number and had come to her so she needed to redirect my call. She would respond, ‘O.K. (said very slowly). Um Maam, you have a fault problem with your modem so you need to call the faults number. That number is 3456789.’ Again I would explain that I had however at this point I was getting frustrated but still managed to be polite. Again, she replied with the faults number. Needless to say I gave up and attempted again another day. This continued for another couple of weeks.

I begged Daryl to physically go into Telikom however he couldn’t understand why I was so desperate when I had a dongle. I was so desperate because my iPad is only WiFi and I needed the WiFi to be up and running so I could waste time on that too! Seriously! He just doesn’t get it 😛

A few weeks later, I phoned the number again expecting the same problem of going around in circles. This time I got through, pressed 1 for faults to be directed to the right person. Woo hoo! I was on my way! BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP! They hung up on me!!! So I tried again. Same thing. I tried again and again but got the same thing. I was pissed to say the very least.

I phoned the ‘old’ reporting number, 1255 to chat to the lovely lady on the switch. Again she told me to call faults on 3456789 and it took me 20 minutes to explain that I had BUT THEY KEEP HANGING UP ON ME!!!! *Brooke screams* In the end I told her, ‘No dammit! You get THEM to call ME!!!’ Eventually she just brushed me off with a ‘yes, ok’ and I knew it was a lie.

After 2 weeks of getting hung up on, I FINALLY made it through. I reported the fault and celebrated with champagnes all round! Ok maybe not like that but I definitely did a happy dance!

Another 2 weeks went by and I heard nothing. I phoned to check what was happening and the lady told me, ‘Um Maam… we don’t have a fault report for your account.’


‘Ok. Well I suppose I better log ANOTHER one with you this time.’ So I logged another report which brings me to today…

So you can see I had to miss playgroup as soon as they said they were coming. It was a matter of missing out on playgroup or waiting until December to have it fixed and I’m leaving in December!

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