My first knitting creation

I completed my very first ‘real’ knitting project the other day. I am so excited about it! In the past I have knitted squares to make blankets for the Special Care Nursery at POM General Hospital however I had never actually put the blankets together because I was handing the squares over to another lady who was gathering them all to make them up. They look great but I can’t really say I made them, I just contributed.

So my ‘real’ knitting project was a jumper for BG. I started it in December 2012 when we decided we would be going to Canada for Christmas this year (which probably isn’t happening now… I’m so upset about it). I continued to make the jumper despite the decision not to go to Canada as I thought we would probably head back to Australia during the winter months at some point. Now it looks like that won’t be happening either so now I’ve just finished it for the next baby we have (no I am not pregnant!). Someone will eventually wear it surely! If not I suppose I could attempt to sell it? 100% Merino wool is pretty hard to get cheap and after all I am a pretty awesome knitter as you are about to find out 😛

This is BG wearing the jumper without the buttons sewn on yet:

When I chose the wool for the jumper, I felt like I was all professional (or an old hand at knitting) as I went about doing all the things I’d read you are supposed to do. Match the wool brand. Check! Gather the required number of hanks/skeins/balls to complete the project in the size you have chosen. Check! Match the dye lots on all hanks/skeins/balls. Check! – OR SO I THOUGHT!!! Remind me never to go shopping for wool on my own just days after a general anaesthetic.

I started with the back of the jumper and ran out of wool about four fifths of the way up so I joined a new one and continued. I was super pleased with myself as I had joined them without any trouble and was so cocky I felt I could tackle anything! Daryl wants a jumper? No problem! BG wants a new stuffed toy? No problem! Oh what about some couch cushions!?! No problem! Why don’t I add a fancy detail while I’m at it then? No problem! Haha!

A few weeks later I took my almost-finished-back-panel to a friend’s house only to find in the white light that my white wool was white up to where I had joined the off-white wool! ARGH!!! I’d stuffed it up already! How on earth could I have cross checked dye lots as being the same when the dye was in fact a DIFFERENT color!?! Typical Brooke error- I can be so blonde sometimes.

I continued with my jumper of varying shades of white despite this hiccup because after all I was a professional now that I had flawlessly joined a new ball (sarcasm intended). Once again, my confidence bloomed as I finished the back, front, two sleeves, and the neckband after some trouble.

Before you start wondering what I’m going to do about the varying shades of white on the jumper… I have some red dye that I am going to use to dye it red, obviously.

Now for my next project!

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