Getting reconnected…

So keeping my Zen has not been very easy the last few days. I suppose it is a big ask when you are the mother of an 11 month old who also lives in a jail compound and is unable to venture out of said compound to get the tinniest of grocery items like, I don’t know… BREAD for lunch without having to consider security issues. Those other Mum’s out there in POM who drive around without a care in the world, I envy you… but I also think you are crazy! I guess I have read one too many security briefings so thank goodness I ‘go pinis’ (not go penis, go finish) in 16 weeks but who’s counting?

SO back to my zen… things are wonderful here in Port Moresby! I am starting up a Mums and Bubs exercise meet 3 days a week. I’ll be doing it regardless of whether anyone joins me but it will be nice to push the stroller and walk the wall of the compound (at least the bottom part) with some other people.

Now for the reconnected bit… today I got in touch with an old friend. We ended our friendship just over 2 years ago on bad terms. I have missed her a lot because I really cherished our friendship. I found her on facebook because her husband befriended an old classmate of mine and when I saw this I thought I would go and do the good old facebook stalk on her (which I have done every few months since we had the falling out). It just made me miss her more and when I saw a picture of her with a baby that looked like a mix of her and her husband, I got all sad and excited at the same time! I was sad because I had missed out on sharing this exciting time in her life and vice versa (she has missed out on sharing BG with me) and I was excited because I’m so freaking happy for her that she has such a gorgeous little one in her life.

So I did the unthinkable… I messaged her and told her that I often think of her and that I hoped she was well. I didn’t expect a reply (although I was certainly waiting with bated breath) and low and behold about 3 hours later I had a reply!

So who knows where it will go from here. I don’t expect to ever have the same friendship we once had but I would like to be included in her life and vice versa. I guess time will tell.

Have you ever lost a friend you wished you hadn’t?

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