Raising a child is much like keeping a pet dog… only more important

Oh I hear you all gasp at that title and mutter little words of disaproval under your breath but yet, you are still here reading so I will explain…

Before living in PNG and having BG, my husband and I had/have a dog. We HAD a dog because we had to leave him in Australia to take this posting and we HAVE a dog because technically he is still ours and is being well looked after by some friends of ours. Now this dog of ours, Axel, would give me a lot of material for writing because he is mischeivous, playful and downright clumsy. In fact, he has his own blog (thanks to his current carer, Julia) because he creates such a stir where ever he is! If he was a child in the playground, he would be the one with ADHD doing laps around the others to try and stir them up. Once he has he would then go on to cause the rest to go arse over… well you know what I mean… and then he would be the one trotting off slowly acting like he is the innocent party and is baffled as to why he is getting all this negative attention.

So what has this got to do with raising a child?

The other day I gave BG a cup with ‘treats’ in it. This cup is one of those that has the split lid on it so she can get her hand in (when she figures it out) and pull a treat out without spilling the rest. Well this bought me about 20 mins of freedom when I gave it to her as she sat there intrigued as to how there were treats in there that she couldn’t get easily. This reminded me of all those times I gave Axel a Kong Ball to keep him entertained.

This led me to think more about the similarities I’d noticed over the last year (yes… BG is 1 year old in just a few weeks eek!) and this is what I came up with:

#1 treats
#2 Kong ball equivalent
#3 Cleaning up BG’s number 3 poops is just like cleaning up Axel’s droppings
#4 Getting woken up in the middle of the night (Axel used to bark at the drunk guys walking up our street on a Friday night)
#5 Tidying up toys
#6 Discipline is much the same (although I DO NOT use an electric collar on BG) – the ignore the behaviours and timeout strategies are what I’m talking about here.
#7 Needing to plan when going out – organise drinks, food/treats, amount of time being out, making sure we are going somewhere appropriate for a dog or a child etc
#8 Morning walks – BG loves her walk in the stroller and Axel loves his walks
#9 Planning holidays isn’t easy – have to ensure all the needs for Axel are met as with BG
#10 Organising Christmas outifts – yep! I’m one of those people who likes to dress my dog up for special occassions 🙂

So there is my list. Have you thought of any similarities of your own?

2 responses to “Raising a child is much like keeping a pet dog… only more important

  1. take home message: I get myself a pet owner’s manual and I will be fine to deal with any baby issues that I may encounter 😉

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