Being my own hairdresser

I have always preferred to have blonde hair even though my natural color is a mousy brown (yuck! yuck! yuck!). When we first moved over to PNG however, I died my hair brown and brought up boxes of the hair dye so that I could continue doing it at home.

After being in PNG for a while, I noticed other women getting their hair done including having foils done etc. I decided this year to give it a go because it is half the price of what it costs in Australia. There is an Aussie chick who works in a local salon who most of us go to. I have been really happy with her however she isn’t always easy to get an appointment with because she is so popular.

A few months ago, I figured it was time to stop channelling my Westie roots and get on with booking an appointment. Amanda had no time 😦 so I booked in with a Philipino guy called Richard who some other friends have seen and have been happy with. I felt it was a big risk but figured, ‘C’mon! What’s the worst thing he can do?’ Burn my head but anyhow… he didn’t by the way. All in all I was happy with the result despite my hair feeling like straw at the end of it. A full head of foils (and a treatment at home later) had my hair looking… well… blonde. I was full of confidence in this Richard from Ailla (I think that is what it is called but it is in Vision Shitty, I mean ‘City’).

About 2 weeks ago now I was due some foils again so I phoned around. Amanda- not available. Richard- not available. Right so another friend had recommended ‘Bong’ (B-O-N-G! Bong!) from the same place as Richard (although he was working at the Grand Papua Hotel but has now moved to the new shopping complex, ‘Waterfront Foodworld’).

On a little side story, it was hilarious when I phoned to book because the conversation went as follows:

ME: Hi, could I please book an appointment with Bong today?
GIRL: Um… what time?
ME: I’m free all day so what time do you have available?
GIRL: Um… I will phone her and see when she will be in.
ME: Oh… I thought Bong was a man. Are we talking about the same person?
GIRL: Yes. She is a man. GILLIE GILLIE.

I got off the phone thinking WTF is ‘GILLIE GILLIE’?!? I phoned my husband to ask if it was Tok Pisin (Pidgeon English) and as I said it out loud I realised she meant ‘Girlie Girlie’ BAHAHAHA!!! He is gay but seriously? Only in PNG could you get away with that when speaking with a customer.

So back to my story… Bong (B-O-N-G! Bong!- that’s how he explains his name to people) did my hair and I ended up with generally a nice color BUT I have slightly orange roots which are incredibly obvious to me AND my eyebrows don’t match my hair anymore. That’s the risk I took right?

So this brings me to Thursday night. I had a formal dinner to attend and it seemed to me that everyone was going all out- other Defence wives were booking hairdressing appointments while others were going to the beauticians. I had booked nothing and a baby to contend with for time so I put all household chores on hold, put BG to bed and got to work.

I did my makeup – smokey eyes; Chose some jewellry; Ironed the dress and picked out some shoes…

…and then looked at my hair and thought, ‘Oh crap. I’m out of my depth here.’ The most I have ever done is a pony tail. It was too hot to wear out so I had to do something! I remembered my cousin-in-law (a hairdresser) once suggesting I search You Tube for a video on how to braid hair (so I could learn for when BG asks me one day) and wondered if I could find an instructional video on how to make crap hair look great. So off I went searching and found a great video where the girl not only demonstrates but has written instructions on the screen also (her name on You Tube is ‘LetsMakeItUp1’ and she has some great instructional videos but I used this one).

I followed her every step by balancing the iPad in the bathroom so I could watch, pause, and do it with her. This is what I came up with and I’m thinking a new video is in order for every function from now on. No more paying hairdressers $50 to do something similar (although probably neater than me) because I am awesome! haha, ok I’m just slightly proud of myself 😉

The back view:

The side view:

What have you been able to achieve because of You Tube?

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