Legacy Week 2012

When I was 17 years old my Dad died. It all happened suddenly and without warning.

I was in my final year of school and I remember the day clearly. It wasn’t a good day.

BUT… Then Legacy stepped in and helped.

There was a lot to organise and think of like funeral proceedings and financial uncertainties. I am one of four kids and my mother was only able to take $11,000 per year from her buisness at the time. So you can see how things weren’t looking good for us.

Legacy helped us initially by being there when we were making funeral arrangements and assisting us with various decisions we needed to make. After the initial period, they helped by providing financial assistance to each of us- enough to provide us with a small amount of pocket money so that we could still enjoy a ‘normal’ childhood and go to the movies with our friends without placing any further financial burden on Mum. This bought her some time to pull her finances together and get into a better position.

When I went to University, Legacy helped me purchase my Uni textbooks and stationery supplies- an expensive part of study. They also helped me apply for different scholarships in the hope that I would be awarded one. I was awarded one in my first year of Uni that was for children of Vietnam veterans.

With the recent deaths of our soldiers in Afghanistan, Legacy is needed just as much as it was when it was founded back in 1923. Every serviceman serving is a brother or sister, mum or dad OR son or daughter willing to put their beliefs aside and put their life on the line for our country.

So regardless of your thoughts on the war or impressions of soldiers, remember them this week. Give a little back to show you are grateful for their service and that you care about their families or loved ones whom they leave behind while they fight for your country.

You can donate here or buy a badge from a badge seller around town and wear it with pride on badge day- Friday September 7th.

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