Life within the boundaries

I often refer to living in a compound as ‘living in jail’ but what many of you don’t know is that in a past life, I was in jail… as the nurse! haha!

The difference between here and jail is that I am free to leave whenever I feel and we have a pool & bar area. Ok so there aren’t any cells we get locked into each night however the steel rape gate that locks us into the top floor each night could easily draw the parallel 🙂

For the past week BG and I have been going for a walk each morning around 8am to wave goodbye to all the cars as people leave for work. She loves this time especially all the attention she gets from everyone as they ‘ooo’ and ‘ahhh’ over her. She is getting pretty popular here and she knows it! haha! Anywhos… on one of our morning walks I decided to take the camera and get some shots of our compound for you to see. I have tried to make them look nice using Instagram because in all honesty there isn’t a hell of a lot of colour in this place. It is a jail after all 😛

So… here is BG waving goodbye to people on her little corner behind the guard house (she isn’t happy in the pic cause I walked away to get the photo)…


This is the front gate…


Here are some of the guards at the front gate with Zeus, one of the guard dogs…


These are our tennis courts with signs in both English and Tok Pisin (Pidgeon English)…


This is the kids pool and the adults 25 meter pool…



This the ‘Haus Win’ or pool side bar and BBQ area; the second pic shows the games area and kids play area in the background…



The gym…


The stairs to the squash courts viewing area – I had no idea we even had a squash court until a few months ago!


The soccer field (it’s pretty bumpy and a hazard on your ankles but it’s a field to use nevertheless)…


The bottom (of the hill) car park with the gardeners arriving for work on the back of the truck- it’s big because we have a Happy Hour at the Haus Win on a monthly basis where each person within the Aussie High Comm can invite up to 5 guests…


A garden area above the tennis courts (in the bottom car park area)…


Walking back up our street (at the end, it turns to the right where there is a culder-sac with 8 more houses; mine is in the culder-sac)…


So that’s life in the compound and I’m only just starting to get used to it and I leave in 3 months!

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