My Little Helper

On Saturday I decided I needed to get on top of things again. The house wasn’t too bad but when I feel good I need to take advantage of it and I felt good because I had finally slept like a log (literally… I didn’t move) the night before. Daryl even let me sleep in until 9am because he realised I was gone when I didn’t even flinch at the first sound of BG calling out in her bed.

Daryl had a Uni assignment to finish so he locked himself away in the study while I carried on with the day with BG.

I’ve recently noticed that BG is becoming more and more interested in getting involved in what I am doing. For example she hates the vacuum but if I am vacuuming she will keep a distance but follow me around while pushing her little bumble bee and yelling at the vacuum (yes, I contend with the loud noise of the vacuum as well as BG’s ARGH’s… it’s torture). Another thing she has started doing is insisting on being lifted up so she can see what I am doing on the bench. This usually results in her being placed in her bumbo while I chop veges and hand some to her to try. It’s quite nice actually.

So back to the point…

On Saturday I was doing some washing and BG insisted on joining me in the laundry. She NEVER goes into the laundry with me but on this particular occassion she insisted. I started to load some towels into the dryer and next thing she is there ‘helping’. It was all very cute and I think I will let her do it again because she had a really good time!

What do you let your kids help with?

Here’s some pics of her learning how to fill up the dryer, close the door and start it (ok, not start it… that would make me irresponsible wouldn’t it?)…

Putting the clothes in…

Right… there’s a door and I’m sick of trying to get these damned clothes in when they won’t go in!

I’m gonna see if I can just shut it anyhow…

5 responses to “My Little Helper

  1. I hope she will be helping you with the chores when she gets older too.

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