Irresponsible Parenting

Thats my daughter driving the car with her Dad at only 11 months. That is what we do here (PNG)… Ok no it isn’t (we set this pic up) BUT we often have her on our laps especially at night and only sometimes in the day. You see PNG isn’t just the land ‘where anything can happen’ (according to the International media), it is also the land of ‘no rules’ or ‘rules are merely a suggestion’.

Now before you all start telling me I AM irresponsible, my reasons are fair and are carefully weighed up chances. I learned all about this when working as a nurse. Here’s a hypothetical scenario… Mr. Smith has cancer and has a 40% chance of survival. He needs to have medication X in order to have a chance of surviving BUT this medication has a 90% chance of giving him Kidney Failure. Do we A) give it to him?; B) try another cancer drug?; or C) give up and tell him he is going to die regardless? The answer is A peoples! We just give it to him and deal with the other issues IF they arise. You see it is all about calculated RISK.

How does this relate to my hubby and I not using the perfectly fine car seat for BG?

Well depending on the time of day over, we will decide if we should put her in the car seat or not. If it is during the day and we aren’t headed anywhere dodgy, we will stick her in the car seat. If it is night time (and we rarely go out at night anyhow) then we will have her on my lap as hubby drives.


The rate of car jackings increases at night and areas around our compound are ‘hot spots’. We don’t want to be messing about with the car seat buckle under the pressure of a carjacking experience. It is my biggest fear that I won’t get BG out in time. The chances of a car accident are a lot less than being car jacked at those times.

So now that I have made it sound really dangerous… You can actually go out without being carjacked, you just have to be aware of the risks and the potential that you can be carjacked particularly at certain times of the day. If it’s raining for example, you will more than likely be ok 🙂

One response to “Irresponsible Parenting

  1. Hey Brooke, ditto!!! Xaria sits on my knee when we drive at night in PNG too 🙂

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