Cake Balls

I’m sure you have all heard of Cake Pops, the cakes on a stick invented by Bakerella… well I’ve had a problem with these since I wanted to make them. I love the idea of Cake Pops and I love how cute they all look (if only I could make them look so gorgeous!) but…

…I do not like sickly sweet desserts and I think the idea of baking a cake, mashing it up, mixing frosting in, rolling the mixture into balls, baking again and then frosting again is just plain… well, sickly. Maybe I am wrong? Have you tasted a Cake Pop cooked the traditional way? Are they sickly sweet?

Anyhow, I really want to be able to make them and I haven’t got a cake ball cake tin (you know the ones with the lid so the cake rises and cooks into the shape of a ball?)- it’s on it’s way. So in the meantime I have been coming up with some different ideas on how I will get this cake pop thing working for me.

I came across another blog that talked about making cake balls instead of cake pops and realised my issue of not having any pop sticks was solved… balls it was! The issue remained however- I had no way of getting the batter to stay in a ball! Then, in the wee hours of the morning a few weeks back when I was sleep training my daughter again, I came up with the idea of half baking a cake so it was still a little sloppy and mashing that up before adding the remaining batter until I had a batter of a consistency where I could roll it into balls and bake for a little longer.

I used my Mini Mudcake recipe which can be found here and it worked!

I ended up with little mud cake balls that were moist, dense and just plain delicious if I must say so myself 🙂

I topped them with a chocolate ganache and sprinkles so they looked dainty and cute. My husband loved them and so did the neighbours. Now all I have to work on is getting creative with the icing and making those gorgeous looking Cake Pops à la Brooke.

So how do you think I went?

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