Autobiography: An opening sentence

I saw a tweet yesterday from @plinkyprompts asking, ‘You’re writing your autobiography. What is your opening sentence?’ I thought this was a fun prompt for a blog.

Cheers to Life as I know it

My autobiography would have this photo or one like it. An autobiography would be a toast to ‘moi’ wouldn’t it?

I came up with the following options for my opening sentence:

  • I sang, I danced (terribly) and I came to realise that neither pays well… so I did other things instead.
  • The rollercoaster of life happens for us all… this is my rollercoaster.
  • Hello.
  • Thank you for reading this autobiography.
  • This is my story.
  • Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Cleaner, Teacher, Nurse, Knitter, Blogger.
  • From the crazy life to the mellow life, I’ve done it all. (This one probably sums it all up the best).

So what would you write as your opening sentence?

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