Striding Along

I haven’t been participating in ‘regular’ exercise for the past 4 years or more. I used to be really fit about 10 years ago due to having personal training 3 times a week and springboard diving training twice a week but what good is it to live off your glory years?

I participated in a group fitness thing for mum’s with strollers back in LA and realised that just because I have a baby/toddler in tow doesn’t mean I can’t work out and achieve the goals I want to achieve (like a body from my glory days… ok maybe I’m aiming to high after carrying a baby but I can dream!).

I compiled an email to send out to all the parents in Port Moresby Parent’s Group (a list of 100 or so parents) and to send to the Australian High Commission community- that’s one way to make sure you stick to your fitness goals!. I committed to doing it 3 days a week for 1 hour each morning but now I have just been chatting with another mum in the compound who doesn’t come due to work commitments and she would like me to do it on a Saturday too! Aparently there are a few mum’s who want to do it but can’t due to work so it looks like the idea is starting to take off 🙂

It took a while for people to jump on board. Many said they would like to join me but… and others simply felt it wasn’t for them. I was ok with this as I felt that by leaving it open for them to turn up only made me ‘have’ to turn up in case I was letting them down! haha!

After a few weeks I had my first fellow strider (FS) and we’ve been doing it together for 3 weeks now. My FS has now turned into 2 and another possible 2 on top of that! It is going really well and I have found that we push each other to just give it that extra go to achieve a moderate to high impact workout. We push our kids in their strollers around a circuit (approx 400m) at the bottom part of the compound before walking up the VERY steep hill within the compound a few times (that gets your heart going!). When our kids start to fall asleep or complain we stop and do squats, boxing, knee ups or something on the spot so the kids can have a break and look at each other. Then we set off again.

After we all say our goodbyes I usually head home, watch Playschool with BG, put her to bed and then start a 10 minute abs workout DVD (I can recommend a fantastic one for postnatal to get your muscle seperation back together- PM me or comment on this post for details) and a 45 minute Yoga DVD session.

I’m beginning to feel the difference! Last Friday I pushed it so hard for myself that I was on the verge of throwing up. I feel a little fitter and I’m pleased with the results I am already seeing. They say it takes a month to start a habit so I’m hoping this one sticks for many years to come. I definitely want to approach the next pregnancy much more differently, fitness-wise, than I did with my first (no I’m not pregnant but I’m starting the fitness planning early).

What have you done to get back into shape post-baby? If you don’t do anything… are you inspired?

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One response to “Striding Along

  1. Glad to see its been going well! Keep up the good work Chooke!

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