The breakup


That is such a dirty name for me. I shudder just thinking about her.

She had made me suffer for the past 12 months in ways that totally flawed me. She interfered with my ability to breastfeed my daughter and caused me to suffer from depression and anxiety. I only realised 7 weeks ago what was causing all this! (aside from the breastfeeding bit which you can read about

I decided to remove Mirena from my life. I wanted her gone.

BUT… She was ‘lost’. She had ‘migrated’ apparently.

I began wondering, as anyone does when they’ve started a relationship they begin to regret, ‘Why? Why me? Why does she have to be so damned horrible to me?’

Mirena has an effect on people… women more directly, men more indirectly. You either love her or hate her. I used to be in the ‘love’ camp… that was until she turned on me. It was as if she had decided that having kids had changed me, you know the friends I’m talking about, the ones that feel you have ‘changed’ and you’re no longer the same person they grew to love.

She was the one that changed on ME! We had it all worked out. She had a purpose in my life and despite not needing her for about a year, I thought she had welcomed me back with open arms.

I spoke with my Doctor about our complicated relationship and he practically didn’t believe me! I felt like a little school girl pleading her case to the principal. ‘Please Sir! You must believe me! She isn’t as nice as she portrays. She is evil.’ No doubt I would have gotten an afternoon detention for that one.

After some convincing, the Doc agreed to help me part ways with Mirena. He slowly broke the news, ‘I think we will need to operate.’

The reality of the situation began to dawn on me slowly. I had to leave PNG. I had to go back to Australia to ‘deal’ with her.

The Doc offered to speak personally with a specialist back in Australia, who deals with these breakups regularly in the hope that he could fit me in. Stat.

Five days later, we embarked on the exploration. I woke up some 25 minutes later to be told the news.

They had found her!

I was ecstatic!

In my Fentanyl induced intoxication, I wanted to do the victory dance (which I pictured to be much like Flashdance with me singing, “What a feeling!” along with it).

Mirena was gone. kaput. dead. (to me).

I’m now 4 weeks post… her… and I feel great!

Have you ever had a difficult relationship with someone/something that you have had to end? How did it go for you?

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2 responses to “The breakup

  1. Coincidentally, yours is the third or fourth story I’ve heard recently about a woman having a terrible time with an IUD. Although it wasn’t ultimately an option for me, my OB touted it as a great solution for long-term birth control, but now I’m wondering how many women experience these terrible side effects. Glad to hear that you were able to break up with Mirena. Sounds like she deserved to get dumped!

    • Hi Kristen,
      Thanks for your comment! I have also started to hear more and more stories about it. I downloaded a book on my Kindle called ‘The Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide to Making More Milk‘ by Diana West and Lisa Marasco to read up on before I have my next baby (not pregnant now though!). In the first chapter it talks about hormones and their effect on milk production. Progesterone is a Prolactin inhibitor- in other words, progesterone stops the milk making hormone, prolactin from working effectively. Not one Doctor has acknowledged this with me as their standard response is, ‘Well in theory Mirena is progesterone only and therefore should not effect your milk.’ Very frustrating to say the least and that doesn’t even cover the depression and anxiety I was feeling.
      Having said all that, I had Mirena twice before I had kids and it worked really well. I was an advocate for it back then believe it or not! haha!

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