Kiva Lending Day is here!

Well it’s that time of the month again! Don’t stress I’m not going to talk about a girl’s monthly visitor… just my monthly visit to where ‘The Batchelor’s’ lend $25 to a person or group of people less fortunate than us.

If we didn’t support Kiva, we would have a child sponsor which would cost us $30 per month. I feel that I get to support so many more people this way because parents are able to borrow money to increase income which in turn feeds their kids and so on. Not only that, when the money is paid back, I can relend it so the money just keeps working for us all.

The question I face each month however, is who do I lend this money to when everyone is so deserving? This brings me to my set of criteria that I developed for myself to make the decision much easier.

Since children are my biggest passion (I feel I was put on this earth to nurture them and protect them), the person I am loaning to MUST have children in their care. They also get bonus points from me if they mention that they want to use their profits made to send these children to school (kudos all round here!).

I like the person to be asking for money that will be used to generate more income for themselves as I believe that microfinancing is the best way out of poverty. Being smart, in my opinion, with their money shows that they aren’t just going to go and spend up big with nothing in return. They must be entrepreneurs.

The final thing I look for (although I often overlook as it is of minor importance to me), I prefer to lend to single or widowed women or men. Meeting this criteria, I’ll admit, is just something that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about the loan. I know that to live in poverty is tough but to live in poverty alone with kids in your care is even harder.

So if you were lending some money through Kiva, what sort of things would you look for when lending someone some cash?

Today it went to Mariam from Mali.

To check out Kiva and make a loan today, click here (yes I get a kickback- the ability to loan another $25 of someone elses money but that’s a win for everyone isn’t it?)

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