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Unsettled but rearing to go


The last 2 weeks we have been on the road figuratively speaking. It’s that time again where we pack up and move to another location. We make new friends, reconnect with old ones, find a new doctor, local market, chiropractor, and so on. I never really feel settled until I’ve found those things.

This time I’ve done it with Pebbles in tow. It’s the first time I’ve dragged a kid around and I’m she’s feeling it. I feel terrible for her as my mind is mostly elsewhere. All this time I thought she was adjusting well and she mostly is but I can’t shake that guilt of knowing she wants my attention and I’m struggling to give it to her.

Only a few more days I keep telling myself and I’ll be a great Mum again…

The winner of the coffee giveaway is Jo!! Anyone who is looking after 2 kids with a hubby on deployment sure deserves a good coffee and a huge hug for just being awesome 🙂 Thanks to those of you who entered!

Giveaway: PNG Coffee

In celebration of my return to Australia this week, I wanted to host my first giveaway.

So I am giving away a piece of PNG… their COFFEE.

I have a bag of Karimui Organic Coffee to give away to the best comment (below) in response to this double question:



“Why do you think you are the most deserving person of this bag of coffee?”


The rules:
1. Multiple entries are acceptable.
2. Funny entries will get extra points.
3. Any offensive entries will be removed.

Don’t forget to tell your friends to enter too 🙂

This giveaway is for my Australian friends/followers (you can start following now to enter though!) and ends at midnight on the 18th December, 2012.

See you all in 3 sleeps! YEE HAA!!!!!