Giveaway: PNG Coffee

In celebration of my return to Australia this week, I wanted to host my first giveaway.

So I am giving away a piece of PNG… their COFFEE.

I have a bag of Karimui Organic Coffee to give away to the best comment (below) in response to this double question:



“Why do you think you are the most deserving person of this bag of coffee?”


The rules:
1. Multiple entries are acceptable.
2. Funny entries will get extra points.
3. Any offensive entries will be removed.

Don’t forget to tell your friends to enter too 🙂

This giveaway is for my Australian friends/followers (you can start following now to enter though!) and ends at midnight on the 18th December, 2012.

See you all in 3 sleeps! YEE HAA!!!!!

4 responses to “Giveaway: PNG Coffee

  1. So, as a medical student, I’m pretty sure I’m the most deserving person to win coffee. Not going to lie, I live on the stuff at this point. And to get some free?!?! It would be like the heavens opened up, sunshine radiated down, and God himself blessed my day.

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  3. I’m deserving of coffee beans because I need copious amounts of coffee to keep up with a 7month old and a 2 year – especially as hubby is deployed. Lack of sleep requires lots of coffee so I can still get all things done 😉

  4. I need the stuff! I’m adicted to it, and becuse my husband keeps coming to bed @ crazy times so I need it to function at work…especially now that I have 2 😦

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