In 2010, I married my husband and became a ‘Batchelor’ and set up a ‘Pad’ with him.

I spend most of my time in my head and in an attempt to get out of it, I started this blog.

I often mull over my life, others’ lives, and the news topics of the day only to find I don’t always have the answer(s). I like hearing what other people think about the tough questions like, ‘Geez my Haus Meri takes a lot of food for her dog, how many dogs does she have?’

I really enjoy cooking and baking so I often throw in a recipe that I have recently found, tweaked and made all mine (said in loud, I-am-awesome voice). I am not a chef… just and enthusiast so I’m not that technical… more experimental.

I also like to talk a bit about my daughter and my latest exciting activity I have done with her. I draw on my experiences as a Primary Teacher and the 9 years in child care I have up my sleeve to come up with some fun activities. I am sure you will find some inspiration for those rainy days.

Sometimes I knit too but it takes a long time and I’m teaching myself so the mistakes are plentiful.

I am a Registered Nurse (Neonatal/Paediatrics and Education mostly), Primary Teacher, and SAHM. I move every 1-2 years with my husband and daughter for my husband’s work. We have lived in Darwin, Singleton, Papua New Guinea, and Townsville. It has its pros and cons which I often write about but I mostly like it.

My most popular posts include:

Thanks for stopping by and I hope we see more of each other 🙂

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  1. So glad you’ve started this! I will be a regular reader 🙂

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