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The little maestro


Admittedly this photo was taken after I applied a soft gumption equivalent 3 times but you can still see the lovely wall art that BG thought she would… is improve the right word? … the wall.

My next attempt will be the tougher gumption or even sugar soap. We live in a rented house so her scribble art needs to be removed.

Have your kids done this before? How did you remove it like it never happened?


It’s that time again… when we are about to get on the move to another posting. Next year we will begin a new life in Townsville, Far North Queensland. We have moved cities (the number of houses is another thing!) a total of 4 times in the past 5 years because of Daryl’s work.

There are pros and cons to moving all the time. You can start with a clean slate for each move for example, or you can run from the awkwardness that may have developed among friends. I usually try to focus on the positives and not get caught up in the negatives. It doesn’t do anyone any good. A great positive is that I have some great friends in each place that I keep in contact with regularly. I would never have met them if I hadn’t lived all over the place and that’s another positive… I have lived in some far off places that I would never have dreamed of living in and I have LOVED it.

The hardest thing about living such a nomadic life is that I have always found making friends with people a tough business. It is really difficult to infiltrate that inner circle. I often think I have and that I have some great friends again but only to discover that they don’t feel the same and I am merely an acquaintance in their eyes. Each time I feel gutted but most times I understand it. If you aren’t in need of friends, you don’t place as much importance on your new friends.

Why is it that women make it so hard for one another to get on the inside though? I have watched Daryl in each move and admittedly he usually has friends from ADFA (The Australian Defence Force Academy) or RMC (The Royal Military COllege) who are posted to each location (something I get incredibly jealous of) however he doesn’t seem to have trouble invading a mate’s circle of friends. That’s what it is for women isn’t it? Invading…

So that is my greatest challenge as a Defence wife and I am finding it a lot harder now that I am a SAHM.

I was given a choice a few months back by another mother over here. She told me, ‘You should get a Pikinini Meri (PM- nanny) because you will regret it if you don’t especially when you see all the fun us other Mum’s are having at all those lunches where kids aren’t invited.’

I trialled a PM and it went terribly. It was incredibly stressful watching someone care for my daughter to a standard well below what I believe is basic… maybe I just had bad luck or maybe my standards are set really high but then again I felt, ‘Why on earth do I need a PM when I do nothing at home anyhow?’ I had a Haus Meri (HM- cleaner) at the time so I wasn’t even cleaning my own home nor was I working! I figured the lunches were something I was willing to sacrifice and to this day I know I made the right choice for both BG and I BUT it has certainly put me on the outter edge of the circle and some days that is just plain lonely…

But alas… I start again in 12 weeks don’t I? And that’s the positive I am going to focus on…

(not the fact I just started a sentence with ‘and’ for the very first time in my life… the perfectionist in me wants to rub it out now! OMG!)

My aversion to Cold & Flu tablets

This week I have been crook. I have been lethargic and had a sore throat which has resulted in a really sexy croaky voice. Ok, maybe not sexy but it did remind me of that ‘Friends’ episode where Phoebe had a croaky voice and suddenly she could sing ‘Smelly Cat’ really sexy and people suddenly loved her… I had considered recording my own rendition of ‘Smelly Cat’ as I know all the words but then thought, ‘No, the world is not ready for me yet. I am ahead of my time.’ lol… I crack myself up!

Ok so I was unwell but generally getting through ok until I tried to have a nap during BG’s morning nap on Monday and found that I was freezing even without any airconditioners on and while under TWO doonas… should I remind you that I live in a tropical country? To be honest, I am cold at the best of times and will often sleep under a doona but have to compromise with my husband on the airconditioner front so we put one on in the room opposite us so that it cools our room a little. The fact that I had ALL of them off and I was under a second doona however sent alarm bells ringing. I. was. sick.

I phoned my husband to ask him to come home early so I could rug up and rest but also so he could visit the clinic and get me some drugs. Luckily for me it was a public holiday and none of the PNG Defence guys had turned up to work – how can my husband be a Liaison Officer when there is no one to Liase with? I don’t know why he bothered to work. Anywhos… he brought home lozenges and… *cue dramatic music*… COLD & FLU TABLETS (with Pseudoephedrine… the hard stuff in other words). To put it bluntly, I HATE cold & flu tablets especially the ones with bloody Pseudoephedrine.

My reasons for hating these tablets are simple. I am just not myself when I take it but then again, who is when they take SPEED!?! So I refused to take them and just stuck to my home made sore throat tea (i.e. boiled ginger, fresh lemon juice and honey- I considered garlic too but thought Daryl may pass out and then he would be of no use to me).

So on Monday night I was heading off to bed exhausted and really looking forward to sleep at around 9pm. At 12.30am I was still awake because every time I was on the verge of falling asleep I would cough till I almost puked. Daryl was awake, BG was awake and I was awake. Daryl finally begged me to take those damn tablets and so I did. I figured at least Daryl and BG should get some sleep even though I knew at this point that I wouldn’t (bloody pseudoephedrine!). To cut a long story short those damn tablets worked and I slept for 3.5hrs all up (1am to 4.30am). After the second dose there was no sleeping as I had the munchies, my heart was racing, my brain was wired and BG was up.

On Tuesday I thought I would nap with BG but no… those bloody tablets kept me going and going and going. I cleaned floors, washed dishes, did a load of washing, dusted, took BG for walks, performed songs from musicals for BG while she looked on as if to say, ‘You’ve lost it Mum. Totally lost it’, air boxed to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ (oh wait, did I just admit to that)… the list goes on! My house looked great and I thought to myself, ‘I’m the best damn Haus Meri this compound has got!’

Do you think I crashed and burned? I thought I would but NO… it is now Friday and I have only managed 1 good nights sleep in between other highly wired nights. I feel tired. I feel better. I’m freaking wired!

That is why I HATE Cold & Flu tablets.

Do you get any annoying side effects from any over the counter meds?