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The little maestro


Admittedly this photo was taken after I applied a soft gumption equivalent 3 times but you can still see the lovely wall art that BG thought she would… is improve the right word? … the wall.

My next attempt will be the tougher gumption or even sugar soap. We live in a rented house so her scribble art needs to be removed.

Have your kids done this before? How did you remove it like it never happened?

Unsettled but rearing to go


The last 2 weeks we have been on the road figuratively speaking. It’s that time again where we pack up and move to another location. We make new friends, reconnect with old ones, find a new doctor, local market, chiropractor, and so on. I never really feel settled until I’ve found those things.

This time I’ve done it with Pebbles in tow. It’s the first time I’ve dragged a kid around and I’m she’s feeling it. I feel terrible for her as my mind is mostly elsewhere. All this time I thought she was adjusting well and she mostly is but I can’t shake that guilt of knowing she wants my attention and I’m struggling to give it to her.

Only a few more days I keep telling myself and I’ll be a great Mum again…

The winner of the coffee giveaway is Jo!! Anyone who is looking after 2 kids with a hubby on deployment sure deserves a good coffee and a huge hug for just being awesome 🙂 Thanks to those of you who entered!

There’s a bear in there…

…and a chair as well… there are people with games… and stories to tell!!!!! Open wide! Come inside! It’s PLAY SCHOOL!!!!!! Lalalalalalala!!!

Oh sorry… you caught me singing the theme to like the BEST show ever! haha!

It’s sad. Very sad. I now find myself belting out children’s show tunes with equal enthusiasm to how I used to belt out tunes by Alicia Keys or Beyonce. Am I embarrassed about it? Hell no! Do I find it funny? Totally.

I have started a new routine over the past month with BG- at least in the morning. At about 9.20am I turn on Play School and snuggle up with her on her little orange couch. I give her some juice and snacks- if I’m feeling nice, she gets her first of about 5 serves of blueberries… her poop has left a purple stain in her cloth nappy/diaper already! How does one curb such an addiction in their 1 year old?- back to the point… so she gets a little something to enjoy while watching the show. I get a much needed coffee.

We settle in for a good 20 mins to half an hour to enjoy the songs, dancing, stories (Ok, M hates that bit), craft, cooking and sometimes a visit from some animals.

I have my favourite presenters and others that irritate me throughout the show. Some are great singers while others couldn’t hold a tune for anything. They also make mistakes here and there and I love spotting them. Sometimes the presenters have their own personal jokes or double entendres thrown in, I guess, to entertain the likes of me because lets face it, BG isn’t going to understand that the Bull needs to be seperated from the cows on the Play school farm because he is randy, she thinks it is exactly what they say, ‘he’s getting a bit roudy so he needs to be seperated until he calms down.’ For a 1 year old, they think he isn’t playing nice with the other cows so he needs time out. I try to chuckle with a concerned look on my face so as to not confuse her… 🙂

I’ve also noticed a few agendas like striping down the gender stereotypes and doing things their own way- who said a boy can’t enjoy dress ups? The main agenda however is to educate kids and show parents that they don’t have to have a lot of money to set up fun and educational activities for their kids at home.

So why do I enjoy my daily dose so much?

Firstly, I get to snuggle with BG and boy does she snuggle well (unless she wants to dance along with them). We talk about what they are doing as we watch the show so that BG feels she really is interacting with them.

Secondly, I get so many ideas from the show. Everything is home-made and sometimes there is a theme that gives me lightbulb ideas for things we can do later. It really is a great resource for parents needing some ideas.

So if you get a chance, watch some Play School with your child and sing along with me 🙂

Do you have a favourite kids show you look forward to everyday?

My Little Helper

On Saturday I decided I needed to get on top of things again. The house wasn’t too bad but when I feel good I need to take advantage of it and I felt good because I had finally slept like a log (literally… I didn’t move) the night before. Daryl even let me sleep in until 9am because he realised I was gone when I didn’t even flinch at the first sound of BG calling out in her bed.

Daryl had a Uni assignment to finish so he locked himself away in the study while I carried on with the day with BG.

I’ve recently noticed that BG is becoming more and more interested in getting involved in what I am doing. For example she hates the vacuum but if I am vacuuming she will keep a distance but follow me around while pushing her little bumble bee and yelling at the vacuum (yes, I contend with the loud noise of the vacuum as well as BG’s ARGH’s… it’s torture). Another thing she has started doing is insisting on being lifted up so she can see what I am doing on the bench. This usually results in her being placed in her bumbo while I chop veges and hand some to her to try. It’s quite nice actually.

So back to the point…

On Saturday I was doing some washing and BG insisted on joining me in the laundry. She NEVER goes into the laundry with me but on this particular occassion she insisted. I started to load some towels into the dryer and next thing she is there ‘helping’. It was all very cute and I think I will let her do it again because she had a really good time!

What do you let your kids help with?

Here’s some pics of her learning how to fill up the dryer, close the door and start it (ok, not start it… that would make me irresponsible wouldn’t it?)…

Putting the clothes in…

Right… there’s a door and I’m sick of trying to get these damned clothes in when they won’t go in!

I’m gonna see if I can just shut it anyhow…

Raising a child is much like keeping a pet dog… only more important

Oh I hear you all gasp at that title and mutter little words of disaproval under your breath but yet, you are still here reading so I will explain…

Before living in PNG and having BG, my husband and I had/have a dog. We HAD a dog because we had to leave him in Australia to take this posting and we HAVE a dog because technically he is still ours and is being well looked after by some friends of ours. Now this dog of ours, Axel, would give me a lot of material for writing because he is mischeivous, playful and downright clumsy. In fact, he has his own blog (thanks to his current carer, Julia) because he creates such a stir where ever he is! If he was a child in the playground, he would be the one with ADHD doing laps around the others to try and stir them up. Once he has he would then go on to cause the rest to go arse over… well you know what I mean… and then he would be the one trotting off slowly acting like he is the innocent party and is baffled as to why he is getting all this negative attention.

So what has this got to do with raising a child?

The other day I gave BG a cup with ‘treats’ in it. This cup is one of those that has the split lid on it so she can get her hand in (when she figures it out) and pull a treat out without spilling the rest. Well this bought me about 20 mins of freedom when I gave it to her as she sat there intrigued as to how there were treats in there that she couldn’t get easily. This reminded me of all those times I gave Axel a Kong Ball to keep him entertained.

This led me to think more about the similarities I’d noticed over the last year (yes… BG is 1 year old in just a few weeks eek!) and this is what I came up with:

#1 treats
#2 Kong ball equivalent
#3 Cleaning up BG’s number 3 poops is just like cleaning up Axel’s droppings
#4 Getting woken up in the middle of the night (Axel used to bark at the drunk guys walking up our street on a Friday night)
#5 Tidying up toys
#6 Discipline is much the same (although I DO NOT use an electric collar on BG) – the ignore the behaviours and timeout strategies are what I’m talking about here.
#7 Needing to plan when going out – organise drinks, food/treats, amount of time being out, making sure we are going somewhere appropriate for a dog or a child etc
#8 Morning walks – BG loves her walk in the stroller and Axel loves his walks
#9 Planning holidays isn’t easy – have to ensure all the needs for Axel are met as with BG
#10 Organising Christmas outifts – yep! I’m one of those people who likes to dress my dog up for special occassions 🙂

So there is my list. Have you thought of any similarities of your own?